Divya Jyoti Valuers Foundation
( Registered Valuers Organisation )
(Formerly known as Divya Jyoti Foundation)
Recognised by Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India,
Govt. of India under IBC 2016
IBBI RVO Recognition No. IBBI/RVO/2018/011
Member Of International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC)
Lifetime Institutional Member of IEI
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Findings of peer review workshop held on 21st April 2022
Date 17 June,2022 (Friday) Download

Preliminary Analysis of Valuation Reports by Committee of Expert
Date 14 March,2022 (Monday) Download

Findings of peer review workshop held on 17th Feb.2021
Date 1 May,2021 (Saturday) Download

Disclosure:Divya Jyoti Foundation, Registered Valuers Organisation, confirms that no individual as part of management team of the RVO has been disqualified from taking up the valuation assignment under the provisions of any statute.
Date 15 April,2020 (Wednesday) Download

Report of the Committee of Experts to Examine the Need for an Institutional Framework for Regulation and Development of Valuation Professionals
Date 15 April,2020 (Wednesday) Download

Findings of the first Peer Review Workshop held on 14th Feb 2020.
Date 14 February,2020 (Friday) Download