Divya Jyoti Valuers Foundation
( Registered Valuers Organisation )
(Formerly known as Divya Jyoti Foundation)
Recognised by Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India,
Govt. of India under IBC 2016
IBBI RVO Recognition No. IBBI/RVO/2018/011
Member Of International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC)
Lifetime Institutional Member of IEI
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Important Decisions Taken In Monthly Meething With IBBI

40th Meeting dt.7th July 2021.
Date 12 July,2021 (Monday) Download

IBBI Guidelines on Online CEP and MEP dated 10th July 2020
Date 3 February,2021 (Wednesday) Download

Meetings of the Disciplinary Committee and Appellate Panel of the RVOs
Date 9 October,2020 (Friday) Download

Governance structure of the Registered Valuer Organisation
Date 23 April,2020 (Thursday) Download

Transfer of Membership from one RVO to another
Date 28 January,2020 (Tuesday) Download

Valuation under Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016: Appointment of Registered Valuer
Date 13 August,2019 (Tuesday) Download

Enrollment as Valuer member by RVO and Registration as RV by the authority
Date 30 May,2018 (Wednesday) Download