Divya Jyoti Valuers Foundation
( Registered Valuers Organisation )
(Formerly known as Divya Jyoti Foundation)
Recognised by Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India,
Govt. of India under IBC 2016
IBBI RVO Recognition No. IBBI/RVO/2018/011
Member Of International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC)
Lifetime Institutional Member of IEI
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Committees List

Advisory Committee
Mr.Rajeev Sharma Chairman- Independent Director
Mrs. Sarita Singh Member
Mr. A.P.Agarwal Member
CA (Dr.) Ashish Agarwal Member
Membership Committee
Mr. S.P.Sharma Chairman – Independent Director
Miss Kajal Gupta Member
Monitoring Committee
Mr. A.P.Agarwal Chairman – Independent Director
Mr.Rajeev Sharma Member
Miss Kajal Gupta Member
Grievance And Redressal Committee
Mr. S.P. Sharma Chairman, Independent Director 9761500888 chairperson@djfrvo.org
ER. A.P. Agarwal Member 9837007430 apagarwal@djfrvo.org
Mrs. Sarita Singh Member 9759811777 ceo@djfrvo.org
Disciplinary Committee
Mr.Rajeev Sharma Chairman- Independent Director
Miss Kajal Gupta Member
Mr. Ramesh Kumar Meena IBBI Nominee
Appellate Panel
Mr. A.P.Agarwal Chairman- Independent Director
Mr. Rajeev Sharma Member
Er. R.K.Agarwal Member
Mr. Suresh Kumar Dullo IBBI Nominee
Governing Board
Mr. S.P.Sharma Chairman- Independent Director
Mr. Nitish Singhal Managing Director
Mrs. Sarita Singh CEO
Mr. Rajeev Sharma Independent Director
Mr. A.P.Agarwal Independent Director
Committee Of Experts
Mr. S.K.Agarwal P&M
Mr. Raveesh Chaudhary SFA
Mr. Satish chander Bogra L&B
Mr.Niraj Kishor Batodra SFA
Mr. Vimal Shah L&B